A downloadable mod for Windows and Linux

If you're anything like me, Quadrilateral Cowboy left you wanting more. If you're super like me, you wanted to play it with a friend or two.

Thankfully it uses the Doom 3 engine which is open source and supports multiplayer! I've managed to implement multiplayer functionality, but client players can't load into the world.

Unfortunately I'm not a very good programmer. So if you like Quadrilateral Cowboy and know how to code, please consider lending your time to this project!

Mod source code: https://gitlab.com/ErixComix/qcmp

Buy the base game: https://blendogames.itch.io/quadrilateralcowboy

Install instructions

Place pak000.pk4 from the vanilla game into the "base" folder in qcmp. Run the executable and enjoy! (Although there's not much to enjoy yet)


qcmp.zip 37 MB

Development log

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